Frozen In Time Frozen In Time

The Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park, is the site where over 3,300 dinosaur tracks mark the site of the only known dinosaur stampede on the planet.

In a remarkable piece of scientific detective work, scientists from the Queensland Museum have pieced together a dramatic tale of hunter and hunted from the footprints left behind.

About 95 million years ago, a herd of over three hundred dinosaurs, some as small as chickens (called Coelursaurs) and some about the size of an emus (called Ornithopods) were drinking on the muddy shore of a lake. The herd panicked and started a mad dash to escape when a large meat-eating dinosaur appeared close by.

The stampede was recorded in the mud, preserved by the natural environment, and immortalised in stone. In a unique twist, the footprints of the meat-eating predator at the Dinosaur Stampede have recently been shown to possibly match the foot of Banjo – on display at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum.

Now preserved inside a modern building, this amazing Dinosaur Stampede is accessible to everyone at Lark Quarry Conservation Park. The starkly beautiful red earth and spinifex-studded landscape is a dramatic contrast to the moist green world that existed at the time of the dinosaurs. Located 110km south-west of Winton (half of this on sealed road); access is by guided tours only at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm daily except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.