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Ollie the dinosaur character

Ollie's Dinosaur Trackways Activity Book

The activity booklet is especially designed to help primary school age children explore and reflect on their Lark Quarry experience. Fun activities encourage children to interact, find or think about the displays and the three main themes - the Dinosaur Trackways, Jump Up country and ESD design aspects.

The activities have been designed with movement around the site in mind, with activities to keep children busy on the long drive home also included.

Activity Kit cartoon drawing - red box with stars leaping out

Classroom Activity Kit

The Lark Quarry education kit provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the Science curriculum's key learning areas: Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change, Life and Living, and Science and Society.

The kit includes on-site activities, and activities designed for the classroom.

Classroom activities are particularly useful for teachers who are unable to take students on a visit to Lark Quarry.

While the focus of the kit is in the Science area, it is designed to link with other syllabus, including English, Studies of Society and Environment, Technology, Mathematics, and The Arts. Lark Quarry also presents a project opportunity for students studying the Tourism syllabus in Years 11 and 12.

The activities in the kit are designed for Levels 3 - 6, covering upper primary and lower secondary students. However, some of the activities can be adapted for Levels 1 - 2.

Fact sheets information cartoon picture

Dinosaur Trackways Fact Sheets

The Lark Quarry Fact Sheets provide more detailed information on the Dinosaur Trackways, ecologically sustainable design features of Lark Quarry, and the surrounding countryside.

The Fact Sheets are pdfs. They are especially useful for students and teachers working through the Classroom Activity Kit.

Dinosaur Stampede display information cartoon image

Gallery of Display

PDFs of the displays at Lark Quarry have been included on this website. These displays are particularly useful for teachers who may not be able to organise school excursions to the Lark Quarry, but would still like to give students an experience of the site and the Dinosaur Trackways.

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